I’m in “Good Housekeeping” for My ‘Ingratitude List’

“Good Housekeeping” featured my article: Gratitude Lists Are B.S.: It Was an ‘Ingratitude’ List That Saved Me this past weekend, right under an article about five new exciting ways to cook chicken breast!


Read the article here

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3 thoughts on “I’m in “Good Housekeeping” for My ‘Ingratitude List’

  1. I’ve properly and deliberately stalked you down to say reading that good housekeeping article was probably one of the most clarifying and important moments of my life. Gratitude lists can get in the bin! THANK YOU. I couldn’t have expressed what you said any better.

  2. Like Lianne above, I also tracked you down to tell you that your article “Gratitude Lists are Bullsh*t…” made me feel so much better. I laughed with sincerity for the first time in weeks and you made my heart feel a bit lighter knowing I’m not the only one who feels absolutely terrible for being ungrateful, especially when I see or hear the words “positive vibes only.” You may have just helped me jump over a huge hurdle in my life. I can’t wait to peruse the rest of your site. And if/when you do publish a book, I’ll be in line to buy it. Thank You Liz!

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