Articles by Liz Brown

Liz Brown on Tonic and

Good Housekeeping: Gratitude Lists are B.S.–It Was an “Ingratitude List” That Saved me

Marie Claire: Diary of a Lazy Eye: The Surprising Story of Fixing My Face

Vice: Are Dentists Really More Prone to Suicide?

Vice: Can Booze Cure a Cold?

Vice What It’s Like to Be Pregnant, Depressed and Scared of Pills

LA Weekly After Dark 5 Controversial Sex Studies That Will Blow Your Mind

LA Weekly After Dark 97-year-old Pamphlet Reveals Depraved Sexual Behavior of Penguins

Hello Giggles 5 Terrible Reasons I Want to Have Kids

Hello Giggles I Wrote A Book; You Can’t Read It

Huffington Post On the Cougar Cusp

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