How I Became America’s Next Top Tiny Hat Model

      HOW I BECAME AMERICA’S NEXT TOP TINY HAT MODEL My crafty next door neighbor Lynda is a tiny hat maker. I found out by accident when I knocked on her door last week to give her some misdelivered mail and bait her into a discussion of Dancing with the Stars.  When she invited meContinue reading “How I Became America’s Next Top Tiny Hat Model”

Occupy LA: Shutterbugs Gone Wild!

Photos by Liz Brown Let me start by saying this: I’m a terrible photographer, and I’m not a fan of standing up. I’m a writer and a sitter downer. I’ve also got a condition that restricts me to seeing out of only one eye at a time, which means I’ve got half the perspective ofContinue reading “Occupy LA: Shutterbugs Gone Wild!”

Fastest Cycle in the West: A Period Piece

I’ve been slow at a lot of things in my life. I had my first kiss when I was 17, graduated college when I was 25 and figured out what I wanted to do with my life at 32.  There’s one area, though, where I know I’ve got most of other women my age beat.Continue reading “Fastest Cycle in the West: A Period Piece”

Reader “Fan Mail”: The Greatest Birthday Gift of All

It’s my BIRTH-DAY and I already know I’m a pretty lucky lady. But this year? I got an unexpected gift in the form of some reader “fan mail”. I think it really expresses where I’m at as both a person and a professional in my life. Thanks “James”: Hello, I was reading your piece onContinue reading “Reader “Fan Mail”: The Greatest Birthday Gift of All”

On the Cougar Cusp

My 35th birthday is coming up and there’s only one thing I’m asking for: move the minimum age for calling a woman a “cougar” up to 36. Last week, while searching for non-explicit euphemisms to describe ‘Real Housewives’ cast members, I stumbled across the Urban Dictionary definition for “cougar” and found myself gutted by this definition:Continue reading “On the Cougar Cusp”