The Culture of Alcoholics Anonymous Perpetuates Sexual Abuse

This is definitely the most difficult article I’ve ever written. I wrote it because I heard over and over again from women that they were silenced from speaking out about their harassment and abuse, and in the most horrific cases, told to “look for their part” in what had happened to them. I am gratefulContinue reading “The Culture of Alcoholics Anonymous Perpetuates Sexual Abuse”

I’m in “Good Housekeeping” for My ‘Ingratitude List’

“Good Housekeeping” featured my article: Gratitude Lists Are B.S.: It Was an ‘Ingratitude’ List That Saved Me this past weekend, right under an article about five new exciting ways to cook chicken breast!   Read the article here Give me a book deal by writing me here

I’m on Marie Claire for My Big Lazy Eye

I’ve got my first legit “beauty” piece published. It’s a memoir piece about all of the ways I tried to hide my lazy eye growing up and how it still haunts me as an adult! Diary of a Lazy Eye: The Surprising Story of Fixing My Face I’m currently working on a full length bookContinue reading “I’m on Marie Claire for My Big Lazy Eye”

Rejection Project Month 4 Report: That’s Acceptable

New to my blog? Read about my Quest to Get 50 Rejection Letters in 2016 here April was an absolute, utter, total disaster for my Rejection Project. Not only did I only received two measly rejections, something truly horrible happened. I was accepted. An extremely personal essay I wrote about pregnancy depression was accepted forContinue reading “Rejection Project Month 4 Report: That’s Acceptable”

Sentras and Sizzle-Lean: 7 Things That Changed Before the “Breaking Bad” Pilot Ever Aired

  As the world prepares to feast on this weekend’s “Breaking Bad” series finale, many are praising creator Vince Gilligan for delivering what may turn out to be the most celebrated, well-executed story arc in the history of television. He seems to have known absolutely everything that was going to happen, and has yet toContinue reading “Sentras and Sizzle-Lean: 7 Things That Changed Before the “Breaking Bad” Pilot Ever Aired”

The 5 most fearless women in comedy today

  I’m the newest blogger for! Check out my first feature, “The 5 Most Fearless Women in Comedy”: Comedy is scary. Making an audience laugh means getting inside their heads and surprising them with aggressive, brutal honesty. It is, by no means, a ladylike endeavor. Maybe that’s why female comediennes have been running upContinue reading “The 5 most fearless women in comedy today”