5 Terrible Reasons I Want to Have Kids

My biological clock is ticking for all the wrong reasons. Most women my age are burning up with full-on baby fever. When you’re in your 30s, your baby making parts are supposed to be constantly screaming out: “Cook those eggs before they go bad!” But all’s been quiet on my uterine front. I think babiesContinue reading “5 Terrible Reasons I Want to Have Kids”

I wrote a book. You can’t read it.

I spent just over three years writing the first draft of my first novel ever: three hundred-ish pages of dark comedy, darker tragedy and real life experiences thinly veiled in fiction. I was preening like a kitten when I finished it this fall. I even thought of a really great last scene – and theContinue reading “I wrote a book. You can’t read it.”

Point of No Returns: How I Got Past My Fear of the Exchange Counter

I’m afraid to return things I buy. I’d rather pay good money for a bad purchase than risk the public meltdown that goes along with a trip to the Returns & Exchanges counter. I used to return things a long time ago—until a very ugly incident with some very ugly sweaters. I’d received three oversized,Continue reading “Point of No Returns: How I Got Past My Fear of the Exchange Counter”