Bad Vibes: Goop Lab’s healing energies are a dangerous affront to mental health

It’s deeply gratifying to see the all the critical reviews of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix miniseries, “The Goop Lab,” which boasts the wellness elitism and woo that the brand’s become notorious for. The reality show, Paltrow’s most recent expansion of her self-care empire, explores alternative health treatments with gleeful irreverence for science. Read the full article here

Death of a Content Farm: RIP

The website that made me a full-time, professional freelance writer is no more. Over the weekend, officially closed its “doors” and disappeared from the internet, and along with it went over 3,000 of my articles created over seven years. is the reason I’m a writer now instead of a social worker. It wasContinue reading “Death of a Content Farm: RIP”

Rejection Project Month 4 Report: That’s Acceptable

New to my blog? Read about my Quest to Get 50 Rejection Letters in 2016 here April was an absolute, utter, total disaster for my Rejection Project. Not only did I only received two measly rejections, something truly horrible happened. I was accepted. An extremely personal essay I wrote about pregnancy depression was accepted forContinue reading “Rejection Project Month 4 Report: That’s Acceptable”

Rejection Project Month 2 Report: Two ‘Nos’ and a Baby

February was quite a month over at Rejection Central (my apartment). In the second month of my quest for a year filled with rejection, I’ve already DOUBLED my success rate. If you’re new on the scene, you can read about the 2016 Ultimate Rejection Project here In January, I scored a piddly ONE rejection offContinue reading “Rejection Project Month 2 Report: Two ‘Nos’ and a Baby”

Rejection Retraction: I’m failing at failing

I’m an even bigger failure at failing than I thought. I celebrated the first month of Rejection Project 2016 this weekend by boasting that I’d already scored 2 rejection letters towards this year’s ultimate goal of 50. I was wrong. I was sure one of the sketches I’d gotten rejected from the CBS Diversity ShowcaseContinue reading “Rejection Retraction: I’m failing at failing”

Survey Names Los Angeles As Most Sex-centric City in U.S.

It may be time to officially change L.A.’s nickname from City of Angels to City of Strumpets.The newly released results of a survey from’s sister site reveal that eight of the 10 most sex-loving cities in the country are in California — and seven of those are local to Los Angeles. I suspect that whenContinue reading “Survey Names Los Angeles As Most Sex-centric City in U.S.”

Holy shit. I’m a sex writer.

‘Tis a glorious day in the world of Liz Brown. I had my first piece published on LA Weekly’s ‘After Dark’ Sex Blog today, and now even IIII know I’m a real-live professional writer.  For a sex blog. Please God, don’t let me ever be THIS annoying: If you know me personally, you have someContinue reading “Holy shit. I’m a sex writer.”

Slow going: a rewriter’s lament

I love having a big project to work on piece by piece, day by day–except when I hate it. I started rewriting the first draft of my novel about a week ago. I”ve turned 35 single-spaced first draft pages into 25 double-spaced second draft pages, which means I threw out a whole lot of stuffContinue reading “Slow going: a rewriter’s lament”

How I Became America’s Next Top Tiny Hat Model

      HOW I BECAME AMERICA’S NEXT TOP TINY HAT MODEL My crafty next door neighbor Lynda is a tiny hat maker. I found out by accident when I knocked on her door last week to give her some misdelivered mail and bait her into a discussion of Dancing with the Stars.  When she invited meContinue reading “How I Became America’s Next Top Tiny Hat Model”

Occupy LA: Shutterbugs Gone Wild!

Photos by Liz Brown Let me start by saying this: I’m a terrible photographer, and I’m not a fan of standing up. I’m a writer and a sitter downer. I’ve also got a condition that restricts me to seeing out of only one eye at a time, which means I’ve got half the perspective ofContinue reading “Occupy LA: Shutterbugs Gone Wild!”