Rejection Project Month 2 Report: Two ‘Nos’ and a Baby

February was quite a month over at Rejection Central (my apartment). In the second month of my quest for a year filled with rejection, I’ve already DOUBLED my success rate. If you’re new on the scene, you can read about the 2016 Ultimate Rejection Project here In January, I scored a piddly ONE rejection offContinue reading “Rejection Project Month 2 Report: Two ‘Nos’ and a Baby”

2016: The Year of Rejection

2016 is going to be a painful year, and not just because I plan to squeeze a giant baby out of my delicate lady parts sometime around Valentine’s Day. The pain of giving birth is supposed to be, like, “difficult” and stuff, but I have something potentially more excruciating planned for my new year. IContinue reading “2016: The Year of Rejection”

Holy shit. I’m a sex writer.

‘Tis a glorious day in the world of Liz Brown. I had my first piece published on LA Weekly’s ‘After Dark’ Sex Blog today, and now even IIII know I’m a real-live professional writer.  For a sex blog. Please God, don’t let me ever be THIS annoying: If you know me personally, you have someContinue reading “Holy shit. I’m a sex writer.”

Slow going: a rewriter’s lament

I love having a big project to work on piece by piece, day by day–except when I hate it. I started rewriting the first draft of my novel about a week ago. I”ve turned 35 single-spaced first draft pages into 25 double-spaced second draft pages, which means I threw out a whole lot of stuffContinue reading “Slow going: a rewriter’s lament”

I wrote a book. You can’t read it.

I spent just over three years writing the first draft of my first novel ever: three hundred-ish pages of dark comedy, darker tragedy and real life experiences thinly veiled in fiction. I was preening like a kitten when I finished it this fall. I even thought of a really great last scene – and theContinue reading “I wrote a book. You can’t read it.”